​Meet Ted McGrath of Ted’s Woodworking Fame

Wood Plans Woodworking Carpentry DownloadTed McGrath is the popular woodworker known for creating the widely recommended program called Ted’s Woodworking. This program is actually a massive collection of professionally designed woodworking plans that is marketed as a set for a one-time access fee. You get to download thousands of plans created by Ted, tested by Ted, and perfected by Ted, and you do not have to keep paying for access to those plans. One fee and they are all yours forever!

Of course, it is never wise to buy into any product unless you understand where it came from, who created it, and what it can really do for you. It is clear what Ted’s Woodworking can do for you on a professional or hobbyist level, but what about the man behind the product? Is he really as reputable as he is believed to be?

I did some digging around to find out who Ted McGrath is, both for my own comfort and your advantage. I discovered an incredibly talented man who had an ingenious idea to share woodworking plans with novices and professionals at a price everyone can afford.

Professional Memberships

Not only is Ted McGrath a self-proclaimed professional woodworker who started out messing up projects in his shop just like any other guy, but he is a professional with connections to some of the best associations in the industry. For instance, he is a member of the Architectural Woodwork Institute, otherwise known as the AWI. There are a lot of people marketing woodworking plans and tips today, but most of them have little to no connections with legitimate associations within the industry.

What this tells me about Ted is that he takes his business seriously. He is not peddling low quality woodworking plans to make a quick buck. Ted’s Woodworking has been around for years, and Ted has the qualifications needed to keep it popular for many more years.

From California to Iowa

Ted McGrath is a normal person who caught the woodworking bug just like you, me, and millions of others around the world. He attended college in California, and his life has now taken him to Iowa where he lives with his family and markets Ted’s Woodworking to help others interested in his craft.

I was impressed to find that Ted is not a billionaire or superstar loaning his name to a product so it becomes an instant success. He is a hardworking business man who enjoys creating functional, useful products from wood. He also happens to be a talented man interested in sharing his talents with other woodworking professionals. That is what has made Ted’s Woodworking such a massive success over the years.

How to Learn from Ted

You can learn from Ted by gaining access to his woodworking plans available in the product, Ted’s Woodworking. For a one-time fee, you gain lifetime access to thousands of woodworking plans covering small household products to highly marketable products. You can fill your home with durable furniture, make birdhouses to give out as gifts, or make Adirondack chairs and other products to sell to others.

Your woodworking skills will not get better without access to professionally-designed woodworking plans. Since Ted McGrath is reputable professional in the industry with years of experience and considerable knowledge, I feel comfortable using his products myself and recommending them to you.

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