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Storage shed planMany people want to add sheds to their backyards. People may use sheds for all sorts of purposes, often for the sake of housing tools, gardening supplies, and other things related to home improvement and yard work. However, the very act of constructing a shed is itself a major project. Many people with less knowledge of home improvement may be at a loss for how to even get started with constructing their sheds. The Information Age has made facts on everything far more accessible than ever before, including building shed plans. Individuals who are interested in constructing sheds will have a plethora of resources at their disposal.

The first step towards the construction of building sheds is confirming that doing so is in line with local building codes. At that point, builders should begin taking very important factors into account with the design, construction, and placement of their sheds. Location is everything with real estate, including with individual home features. Sheds can potentially add money to your home’s resale value, which should be taken into account. They can be framed in terms of a long-term investment, in giving your home more features and potential for home improvement.

Tool shed planAll sheds are not created equally, and neither are all plans for creating sheds. Owners will have to peruse through different shed blueprints to choose something that falls in line with their sense of aesthetics, in terms of style, size, and how the shed will fit in with the rest of the surroundings. The shed’s location in the general area of your property has many important considerations attached to it, which need to be part of the plan for constructing sheds, even beyond the basic blueprints.

The shed’s function is important for determining its location. If your shed is going to be primarily used for gardening tools, situating it near the plants and the garden itself is probably a good strategy. No one wants to construct a shed in a poor location that requires them and their family to cover big distances just to do their chores, all the while wondering why they didn’t build it closer. A shed that is designed with aesthetics in mind, at least to a greater extent, should be placed in a visually appealing location, that contrasts nicely with the area.

James shedObviously, practical concerns with regards to sheds will have to address compatibility with the elements. Many people have trees in their backyards, which can drop their branches and leaves and leave the foundation of the shed vulnerable over time. Even the roots can be potentially dangerous, and getting a tree inspector to come and look over the area can help prevent problems. Some people may get their trees removed altogether as part of their preparations for constructing their sheds.

The design of the shed should reflect its primary use, which includes features like interior shelves and pegboards for shelves designed to house lots of tools. Sheds can look like anything on the outside, and vary tremendously in their appearance. Some resemble miniature houses complete with shutters, shingles, and a nice, decorative trim. Others are far more sparse and bare, with structural integrity and a stable foundation, but nothing else. The shed’s placement on the property will match up with their basic design parameters.

Here is a checklist of things to consider to decide on which plan to choose:

What is the functionality you’re looking for?  Is your shed to store lawn equipment only or are you also wanting your shed to serve as a workshop space? Would you like a carport attached or perhaps a work station to pot or re-pot plants.  Think about all the uses you desire in terms of functionality.

What shed plan would be compatible visually with my house? You want your loved ones, family members and neighbors to all appreciate how compatible your shed is to your home and to current surrounding architecture. Consider visual appearance and general aesthetics.

Will my shed block any views if constructed in a certain spot?  For example, will your shed block required light from your wife’s beautiful flower garden? Or will your neighbor be upset if your shed blocks his view of the mountains or a park he’s used to visually enjoying?

Also, think about good drainage, level terrain and easy access for the whole family.

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