Garden Wood Projects-Improving Your Curb Appeal

The snow has melted and the smell of summer is in the air. You want to fire up the barbecue and throw a few steaks on the grill and invite the neighbors in for a barbecue. As you look around the backyard, it doesn’t exactly look ready for company though, does it?

This time of the year, everyone is heading out to the backyard for fun in the sun, but your backyard needs a little work before it’s ready for guests. Taking stock of what you need to create a backyard retreat, you realize that your yard could benefit from a little decorating. A few garden wood projects will get the backyard ready for summer and along the way, increase your curb appeal and even add to the value of your property.

The good news is that many of these things you can do yourself. Even better news is that you can do a lot of these garden wood projects for a very low price and green up your building methods. Using recycled lumber and even pallets, you can create some of the most outstanding garden wood projects that you’ve ever made, using simple plans that you can buy online for the most part.

Garden Arbors- one of the most attractive projects that you can build, this one will net you a big thank you. Creating a little private space where the family members can sit and quietly read a book or just spend some outdoor time is going to be an attractive addition to your yard or garden. One of the best we’ve seen is one that was created from rough wood and stained a natural walnut color. The rough wood, set off with ivy and phlox and roses planted around, is a point/counterpoint mingling of textures and colors that really makes for an attractive backyard.

Garden benchLook around your backyard. Chances are good that you’ve got a nice private place under a tree or in a corner, that could benefit from a solitary wood bench to add a little seating. A great place to display this and to give some additional seating will be in an herb garden setting or near a small flower garden, where the sights and scents of the flowers can be enjoyed, while using the wooden bench that you have created.

Are you lucky enough to have a brook or stream on your property? If you are not, of course you have the option to create one, but if you’ve already got one in evidence, adding a small wooden bridge to the stream, to allow someone to stand on the bridge and watch the water flow, is a great addition to your property.

Garden bridgeYour backyard wood projects are limited by nothing more than your imagination. Whatever you’re looking for in designs or in project plans you can typically find them from a woodworking project book or what I prefer, a great resource online, like Tedswoodworking.

Step up your game this year and make a backyard retreat using some of your woodworking skills. Make your yard the perfect entertaining area and get a little side benefit. Believe it or not, the attractive yard or garden, according to Realty Magazine, can improve the bottom line that you receive from your property when you decide to sell and will add thousands to your asking price. Quite a bonus. So enjoy it while you’re there and know you’re also increasing your selling price for when you decide to leave down the road.

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